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It takes strength to embark on the journey of improving mental health. My name is Emily and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with a Masters in Counselling Psychology.  I use a strengths-based approach to help and support you rediscover your strengths and abilities and put them into action. 

I offer counselling for couples wanting to improve their relationship, in ways such as working on communication and reducing conflict. I am here to support those couples and families facing major life events and changes. Couples who are dissolving their relationship can also benefit from working on communication skills and developing a strong co-parenting relationship to ensure the needs of their children are prioritized. 

Counselling is available for youth ages 10 and up. Youth can benefit from working with the support of a counsellor on symptoms of anxiety, depression, OCD behaviours and grief. Counselling services are also provided to support youth with school issues, including bullying, ADHD, school avoidance, body image and disordered eating.

I am trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), which is an evidence-based treatment for psychological trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, disordered eating and more. ART is effective as a stand-alone approach or concurrently with other modalities. ART uses calming eye movements to help clients replace negative images in their mind with positive ones, and typically produces noticeable benefits in just 1-5 sessions.

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 About Me

I believe in working with clients to design a treatment plan that best suits their needs. 

Valuing each client as the expert of their life, I support you as you learn and practice skills and techniques to manage the overwhelming feelings that are holding you back. 

We'll work on challenging negative thoughts, developing skills, setting goals, and making lasting changes.

Individuals (ages 19 and up): $135/ 50 minute session

Youth (ages 10-18): $110/50 minute session, $165/90 minute Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Couples: $155/50 minute session

Accelerated Resolution Therapy: $200/90 minute session

I am registered with ICBC, FNHA, CVAP, and I also work with Walmsley, BCI and WorkBC clients.

*I believe in reducing barriers to counselling. Please contact for sliding scale rates.


206- 402 Baker St., Nelson, BC

A-1237 3rd St., Castlegar, BC